Just a critcism


The site has gotten overcomplicated. As far as a simple question, for a casual user, It doesn’t work for that. I like to check in and see what’s new, say relay. or check discussion about aps. Since there are complexities, it’s understandable. But simple things could be obvious and more user friendly. Search doesn’t search either. Suggest maybe a site map.


Hi @wingnut,

Could you please help me understand some of your statements with a little more detail.

How does it not work? What is making the act of asking a question overly complicated?

I’m not following this. First you said it was overcomplicated, then you said “since there are complexities, it’s understandable.” What are these complexities, and what is understandable?

Please let me know how it fails. I have not seen it fail to search, and in fact, a new “advanced search” feature was just added, so when you browse the search results, it’s easy to filter them down.

What would this Site Map contain? A list of our categories? They are available on the “Categories” page, accessed by the “categories” button.
A list of the latest posts? They are available on the “latest” page, accessed by the “latest” button.
An explanation of how the Community is set up? The big greeting banner is meant to do that, and the “Welcome Post” and “Guidelines” linked within it fill in the details.

Instead of a criticism, let’s have a conversation.


If i’m correct a site map is just a list of all available internal web pages of the republicwireless.com site. Which would be absolutely massive considering the number of information pages.


Yes, and it’s also often designed more as a external search engine tool than a user tool. I’m curious how @wingnut envisions it, to see if we can guide him to a similar approach to find what he needs in Community, or if there is something further that can be done with the tools we have have available to make the Community easier to use.


It’s completely different now. Not a problem.