Just bought a Moto E4 as my old phone was malfunctioning, DO I need a sim card from Republic?


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Hi @michaelm.xcqo4l!

Yes, you will need to buy a SIM for it to work on Republic. That being said, have you checked to make sure your E4 is the supported version XT1768? That is the only version supported by Republic. If itโ€™s that version, itโ€™s good to go.



What Moto E model are u referring to?
Legacy phones:

  • Moto E1 (XT1019)
  • Moto E2 (XT1526)

3.0 Compatbale phones

If you purchased the newer E4 models, those will need a RW SIM card. If u purchsed the phone through R.Ws store, then it comes with one and you will need to install it. If purchased elsewhere, yo can order a R.W SIM on their website.

Greetings and Introductions!

Also, what was your old phone and plan?
If it was one of the Legacy phones, those use the old 2.0 refund plans, and use CDMA (Sprint).

The new phones use the current 4.0 My Choice plan and use GSM (tmobile).

Some devices, if you find the GSM coverage not acceptable, you can open a ticket and request a CDMA SIM.

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