Just bought a new phone with my same plan


I just bought a new phone that is being shipped. It asked me what I plan I wanted at the time of purchase. I already have the $15 plan so I picked it again. I thought it said something about charging me $15 when it ships or when its activated or something. Is that correct, or will I just resume with my $15 plan and pay on the same dates with no additional $15 fee. And will I have the same phone number?


You will be charged for the phone when it ships. You will be charged for the plan when you activate it. You will get the same phone number if you activate it as a replacement during the activation procedure.


You can find activation steps here:

Step 9 tells you how to transfer your current phone number over to your new phone.

As you will be activating the phone as a replacement, and not changing your plan, there will be no new plan charge.


My new Moto G5+ phone arrived today, to replace my existing (damaged but working) Moto G4+. The phone comes with a nano SIM, and my existing phone uses a micro SIM. While I know it’s possible to scissor a micro down to a nano, if it’s all the same I’d prefer to use the nano.

Is there a reason I should not use the nano SIM that came with the new phone?

And while we are at it, I have a microSD card with GBs of music and videos in the old phone. Should I just pull it out of the old phone and install into the new phone?


Hi @swoop

If you purchased the Moto G5 + from the Republic store, you should use the SIM that came with that phone.

You should be able to move the microSD card between the two phones.


@swoop - A Republic micro SIM can easily be converted to a nano SIM by simply punching it out from the larger card. The photos in the post here (scroll down to see them) show how the different SIM sizes can all be punched out from the card: Moto G5 Plus - SIM card questions?

That being said, you are absolutely free to insert the new SIM and activate the phone as a replacement for the old one.

(Take a look at the old SIM card; is the print on the word “republic” all black/gray? If so, you can’t move the SIM card directly to the new phone as it’s a CDMA card. Are some of the letters green? If so, just move the card to the new phone and you’ll be ready to go.)


Thank you johnny5. The Moto G5+ edid come from the RW store, so I used the new nanoSIM and activated the phone (including transfer of my old number) without incident.

An interesting note is that the small printed folding picture guide (from Moto, not from RW) that comes with the phone incorrectly shows how the microSD card is to be inserted into the tray…it’s shown upside down from the correct way.


That’s weird. Glad you got it working! Enjoy your phone :slight_smile: . Make sure to stick around the community!


Did my question just get taken over by another user? Start your own thread. You guys said I would get charged $15 when I activated my phone. My question was I already have an active account and an active phone. So you make it sound like I’m going to get charged twice. I’ve already paid my $15 monthly payment so why would I get charged another $15 when I activate a replacement phone.


Hi @shawnm.6jt9iy!

As @michellen said, there will be no new charge since you are simply replacing a device. You will continue to get billed monthly for the $15 + tax on your bill date, but no additional $15. I think what you saw was just a plan suggestion. I shows you how much you will be paying per month. You could have also seen something that alerts people that they will be billed when they activate the phone, not when it ships. That is for new lines or new customers- not replacement lines that are not upgrading a plan.



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