Just checked project fi

Funny, I signed up to be on the list, told it wasn’t available where I’m at, and heard nothing since. I checked, and I now can get it! Going back to all the peeps that complain/complained about Republic, and swore adamantly they were bailing to switch to project fi, the savoir, I’m now eligible and they’re in my area! As the mods who remember me, that I’ve pissed off time and time again for my non-politically correct view point, , Bosbepus, who I still talk too all the time, yet another post! Go to fi. It’s $20 for the first phone, $15 for the second phone, $10/gig. I’m still grandfathered in on our moto g 1st gen’s, here’s a clue I can fix anything, $24 and chump change per month! Fi told me, as here will tell you, this is NOT RIGHT FOR YOU! Damn it! The grass is always greener on the other side. I guess I’m still stuck cutting republic’s grass… And still referring people here.

IMO Republic > Fi, Google has enough of my money. A smaller company like Republic that has treated me right for years will always have my support as long as I continue to get the service I pay for.

Also, Fi has been available without a checklist for over a year now.

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