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Hey, can I convert to an upgrade phone as long as its unlocked If this phone is advertised by republic wireless as a phone they sell?? or is there something thats unique to republic??? just asking, they have great deals.

Hi @michaelg.mntjmw

You can BYOP to Republic as long as it is a model they support and is factory unlocked (as apposed to carrier unlocked).

Here is a page of phones Republic currently supports including its BYOP list:

And this might help to make sure you are getting the correct model.

If in doubt, please come back to the Community for help before you buy.

If you post a link to a phone you’re looking at and tell us what phone you have now, the Community can tell you if it will work. :slight_smile:

Added another good post:


Some phones have ore than 1 edition, so get the model # and check 1st.

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