Just Got a Notification for 19 Voice Mails


I have a CDMA activated Moto G4, which is currently in airplane mode and connected to home wifi. It’s just got a voice mail notification for 19 voice mails all at once. My Moto G4 has just received and shown 1 new and 18 old voice mails from last year but it did not have any records of voice mail at all until now. What causes this weird behavior? Is it the phone, OS, or the network issue? How can I fix it? Additionally, the last phone call that triggered the voice mail notification went straight to voice mail. I love the phone but some issues I’ve been experiencing with it have started to irritate me a little. Thanks in advance.


The problem of calls going to voicemail when the phone is sleeping is discussed in this thread along with a work-around:

Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?

This situation where one is notified of voice mail messages (including messages that have been deleted) has happened to me and to some of my friends too. I don’t know why this happens and I don’t believe RW has addressed this in the Community. When I happened to me I went to my log and deleted them one-by-one until they were all gone and have my fingers crossed that they won’t show up again.


@billg Thank you for you quick reply. At least now I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this issue. Hopefully the latest update that is set to be ready tomorrow(?) will fix it. Thanks, again!


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