Just got my new Moto G4. I want the phone app to block all calls not in my contacts. Anyway to do that?

I’m using the phone app that came with the phone. It appears to be a Google product. Ver 2.21.


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Truecaller is an app I use to block calls, however it does replace your dialer. I believe the ‘Mr. Number’ app does what you want if you keep your current dialer.

Good Morning @roberts.6oafl9,

Generally, most call blocking apps provide the ability to blacklist certain callers. If I’m understanding correctly; it sounds like you wish to whitelist callers in your phone’s contacts and block all others, which is a less common request.

I’m not sufficiently familiar with Truecaller to know if it has the ability to whitelist as well as blacklist. I use Extreme Call Blocker on my phones. I don’t use the feature but it appears to offer whitelisting through “Groups”. Extreme Call Blocker is a paid app, so you might want to look at the free version Call Blocker Voicemail Blocker first to see if that does the job.

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