Just in case you were not yet aware of the uniqeness & quality of this company... (2GB of comp data)

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Member Since: I’ve been a Republic Wireless Member for a little over 1 year, and yesterday signed my wife up too.
Phone: Moto G4 Play
Plan: My Choice Plan

So yesterday, I noticed extra Data had been added to my plan. I had to immediately check to see if I had been accidentally charged, or if there was an accounting error at RW, but could not see anything. And then this morning I checked my email.

Now, where I live did not get the worst of the Hurricane, by any means, our power came back on quickly, and flood waters did not touch our house the way that others are still dealing with even today and for weeks to come. But this email floored me. A small gesture, but a huge client service victory. Thank you, Republic Wireless. I made the right decision in switching to you guys.

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