Just looking for suggestions for note app

Hi all,

I know there are a lot of note apps on google play store. I’ve tried a few over the years. But with my new Moto G Fast phone I have also ordered a digital pen (I know i know i’m moving up in the world little by little) and now I also want a new note app.

Being a writer and blogger and a mom I keep a lot of notes but like to keep them on my new phone now instead of a tablet or paper strewn through my purse. Grocery lists are the one thing I’m always losing then I buy too much junk food!!!

Any and all suggestions are welcome and I’ll look at and probably try them all too and then pick my favorite to use.

Thanks in advance.

I personally like Google’s own “Keep Notes” product. Simple, syncs across devices, accessible on your computer, etc etc


Thanks Louisdi! I will definitely check it out and try it. Always open to trying a new app.

Louisdi I just downloaded that app and checked it out. That one is really cool. You can add photos, lists, drawings, notes, etc and you can set it to make checked items go to the bottom (great for grocery lists), you can also make notes and lists using voice. nice app. I’ll try it for a while

Thanks again!

I have been playing with it for quite a while now, about 4 hours lol. There is so much you can do and use on the app. I love that I can make notes, post pictures, draw something, whatever and make it all onto one page that I can rearrange then just click what I want to open. The fact it has a voice option to post notes is also a great plus!

Thanks again for an awesome suggestion. If you know of any other apps that are helpful or even just fun, please let me know! Always looking for something new


Hi @rebecca.b

I want to vote for @louisdi 's choice - Keep Notes. I use it to keep track of all sorts of things, including doctor visits. I take notes right during the appointments,

One other thing I use it for, since you mentioned grocery lists, is I make a list and then share that list with my kids. That way they can add things they want from their phone and I am much more likely to remember when I’m at the store. Also, it holds down the “you forgot to get me my (whatever they wanted)” complaints. If they didn’t put it on the list, they don’t really have grounds for a complaint

I hope this improves your domestic tranquility! :slight_smile:


I use Keep for quick and simple, but I prefer Microsoft OneNote for more ambitious projects, like taking reading notes.


thanks William

I am loving keep notes and don’t care much for Microsoft. if I need more extensive notes like from a meeting I use otter as it also transcribes for me what’s being said or more often I use live transcribe . both keep notes for me if I need something to do more and interpret into text for me if others are involved so I get two uses at the same time. but ty for your suggestion too


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