Just lost half of my mobile data while connected to my home network!


What phone do you have?
Moto G6, recently updated Oreo to build OPS27.104-92
What plan are you on?
MyChoice + 1GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1 GB mobile data

Issue Description

A few days ago I got a courtesy email that my son’s mobile data was almost used up. He rarely uses all of his data, but it’s not impossible that he would have used it while at school or out with friends. Friday night I got the same notice for my phone, but I was at home and connected to my home wifi. I double checked that I was connected and figured it was a fluke. I kept watching some videos and went to bed. When I got up this morning, I had notifications for 10% and 0% remaining. I looked again and I was still connected to my home network, and had no issues connecting to websites. I looked at my cellular data usage on the republic app and all 500 MB that I had left had been consumed by YouTube over Friday and Saturday. What gives? There was no service outage that I know of and I had connection to my home network the entire time.

I looked around for solutions and didn’t find anything. There was a bug in an early release of Oreo that had inadvertently enabled “Mobile data always active” in the developer options that caused similar problems, but that was supposedly fixed. I enabled developer options on my phone and found that the offending setting was not enabled. It’s not the end of the world since my plan refreshes on the 30th, but it’s really annoying to not have data when I want/need it. I’m more concerned that this “fluke” will continue to happen and burn through my (and my family’s) data as soon as it’s refreshed. I’ve manually turned off mobile data, but that’s really not the right answer. I shouldn’t have to constantly turn it on/off when it should be prioritizing itself the way it always used to.

So what else can I do to help figure this out?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @samuelr.jl1hno,

I’m sorry to see that no one in Community had any suggestions for you.

Since you see evidence that YouTube was what consumed the data, and you were watching videos, I don’t think you’re at risk of sudden rampant consumption when you renew the data - as long as you aren’t still watching videos when you add the data. Have you force-stopped the YouTube app?

Were you watching videos at all prior to being at home? There can be a delay between when the data is consumed and when the warning E-mail goes out.


Hi southpaw,

Thanks for the response! Normally I don’t use much mobile data. Here’s my usage from the last month. I don’t recall watching anything on mobile data before I got home.

I don’t see any simple way to stop it using mobile data like I could on my G3 (I.e. in the mobile data usage screen). The split up permissions on Oreo are confusing to me. In the app itself, I can only tell it to not stream HD content on cellular. In the system settings I can only control background data and “unrestricted data while data saver is active”.

Thanks again!


You can use a third party app such as netguard


to limit Cellular Data access on a per app basis on your phone.


I think for testing purposes, if you’re at home, the easiest thing to do will be to put the phone in airplane mode, then re-enable Wi-Fi. That will turn off the cellular radio entirely.

Then stream some YouTube videos. It would be interesting to see if the phone loses connectivity. If so, that would be how/when it was using cellular data. It could dropping off your Wi-Fi network without your ever noticing.


Hi Southpaw,

I’ll give that a shot this weekend.



This happened to me before. I don’t trust my phone anymore. Whenever I watch YouTube videos for more than a few minutes, I usually will turn mobile data off. I think most of the time, it’s a function of the network. The old internet we used to have was awful-not reliable at all.



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