Just received new phone 2 sim cards?

Just received my Moto Power and there are 2 packets with what I can only assume are 2 sim cards?
Do I need 2? How do I know which one is mine? Or does it matter?

You can use either SIM card. (And, no; you do not need two.)



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If I am reading the site correctly, I should wait to activate my 5.0 plan?

Hi @lindam.xbak0h,

I’m sorry no one answered your follow-up question. If you’re planning to move an existing Republic Wireless number to the 5.0 plans, then yes, please wait. We want to be absolutely certain you’re able to do so as easily as possible.

I currently have a Moto e4 which I purchased from Republic. The phone has not been charging. In looking at information, it can be either CDMA or GSM. How do I know which is mine? Sim card? And if it is GSM, can I put it it in the new phone I purchased from RW after the changeover.

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