Just received new phone: locked on Boost Mobile?

What phone do you have? Samsung A32

What plan are you on? My Choice + 3 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Just received new Samsung A32 ordered via Republic site to update older phone I’m using. Instructions I received were only for new account.

Tried using old SIM. Phone was trying to register on Boost Mobile site. Tried opening Republic app but it shows “server error”. WiFi is working, could browse via Google browser.

Tried new SIM which came with phone. Went to Republic app, it says phone is not able to be used with Republic??

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The phones currently sold by Republic do not work with the old Republic SIMs, they are for use with (and can only be used with) the new Republic Plans.

The new SIM is what you will need to use and it is NOT activated using the Republic App, but rather the activation steps that are shown on the SIM sleeve.

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I just received the Motorola G Stylus 5G and it also has the My Boost app which I also Bought from Republic.
Once they get the issue with current users activating the new 5.0 plans will we be able to delete the Boost app and install the Republic App?

Wish I would have known about this issue before I ordered the new phone.

Hi @brianhyde and welcome to the Community!

While the presence of the My Boost app is unexpected, I don’t believe it will present an issue. If the My Boost app is part of the phone’s system image, it will not be possible to delete it. It should, however, be possible to disable it, which need not wait for current challenges plaguing activation to evaporate and may be done now.

Nor, will it be necessary to install Republic’s app. Activating and using a phone on Republic’s new 5.0 plans does not require Republic’s app.

Sounds like they’re exhausting a supply of Boost customized phones. The My Boost app was the account management app for Boost phones on the T-Mobile network.

On the Boost Samsung Flip 3 that I briefly experimented with it was possible to remove the My Boost App. Would be curious to see if it is possible with @brianhyde 's phone

Perhaps, but, if so, doing so in the store of an entirely different brand albeit another DISH Wireless brand is asinine. We already have two understandably confused members in this topic. I’m confident they won’t be the only two.

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Oh, absolutely. This first batch of conversions and new phone sales/activations is a train wreck of dumpster fires.