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I just switched two lines back to Republic Wireless after a brief time with Ting. Prior to that we had been with RW for over two years. Ting promised to be a little cheaper with an entry point of $10/line for unlimited talk/text and the same $5/GB for data, but here are some of the reasons that brought me back:

  • I much prefer Republic’s blended WiFi/Cell voice over standard WiFi calling. Even with a weak cell signal at my house, I noticed that Ting’s WiFi calling (T-Mobile network) will stutter sometimes but Republic’s call quality has been rock-solid for me.
  • I actually prefer the “hassle” of having to buy additional data because it gives me even more control against overages.
  • As a Republic member I feel like an early adopter because of the things they do that nobody else does. I hope this continues … although I do have some fears about RW’s future under the ownership of Dish.

Welcome back, @michaelhe, and thanks for your thoughtful comparison!


Thanks for the comparison. I too have been “shopping” various carriers and haven’t found much describing the implementation of Wi-Fi calling, except that it is a feature on some of the carriers’ phones. It seems as if they want to downplay Wi-Fi, possibly for the reasons you site. Since I have very poor cellular reception indoors, for me the Wi-Fi calling is the major sales point. As you say, Republic’s Wi-Fi calling is “rock-solid.”


I have used both Republic’s proprietary blended WiFi/cell first implementation and WiFi calling offered by traditional cellular networks (mostly on iPhones). My experience is the difference is Republic is WiFi first, the latter WiFi last.

It’s not particularly surprising that traditional cellular network operators prioritize cellular function with WiFi as a backup. When I say traditional cellular network operators, I mean the likes of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Other than Republic, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) like Ting as one example are reliant on the WiFi calling implementation of its’ cellular network partner. Republic was the first to do its’ own thing.


As a long time user and supporter of the WiFi first concept. I believe that Republics Bonded Calling still remains unique in the industry. Through some very innovative engineering they augment a weakening WiFi signal will cellular data.


Well said, I agree. I’m just learning about Dish. :no_mouth:

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I still keep a stripped down Moto E1 on the wifi only plan as a backup travel phone. It sees little use but is able to make calls even on poor quality wifi, cruise ships and Mexican Cantinas…

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