Just started seeing the smart charging app on my phone today, is that a real thing?


Moto X 2nd gen, charging it today got this weird screen showing battery life in neon green, time left to charge, and an ad for a casinos app from google play. see below screen shot. then when i try to disable it says “death to all”. ok, slight exaggeration, but, you get it…


little more research shows that this likely came with the Super Bright LED Flashlight app i got a few days ago. almost a week.
so i will likely uninstall, don’t want a bunch of crazy ads every time i charge my phone


since the Lollipop there is really no point to a flashlight app as one can control the LED in the quick setting menu (2 finger pull down) or on Motos phones one can set up the the double chop LED control


Ahh yes, the double chop. I ended up violently chopping mine while yelling “TURN ON!!!” when the flashlight wouldn’t turn on…


my phone has no flash. so it cannot have a flashlight. is that what you mean by the LED in quick setting menu? also do not know what is meant by double chop


then are you sure you have a Moto X 2nd gen (this has the LED Flashlight and it’s can be control in the Quick setting (2 finger pull down) the double chop is a Moto Action (from the Moto APP) that will control the LED to turn it on or Off)

If I recall correctly only the Moto E 1st and 2nd Gen did not have a LED Flash and need an app to turn the screen on to light up.
the main issues is that most of these apps are just malware (ither reporting what you are doing with your phone back to the developer or jamming ads (and using data)


you’re correct of course. have the E 2nd gen. sorry about that. anyway, I removed the app and it has not done it since.

that’s awesome that they took all my phone info.


here are some flashlight apps that are a bit more secured


ok, great, thanks, will take a look!


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