Just tell me what phone choices I have, KEEPING my current plan


I’ve had the original Moto X since Republic first offered it and the battery is tired. I changed to a plan where I have talk text and X amount of data with a rebate for unused, I have no idea what it is called and don’t care and would not know how to find the name. I almost NEVER use my phone for data.

My question is: Does Republic sell a phone whereby I can keep my current plan? I presume by logging in the officials here will know my phone number and hence my plan, so they might answer this question.

The marketing here is tricky, it ought to state what phones will not fit the plan you currently have, perhaps even not show you phones that are not compatible. It’s obviously bait to make you switch.


You have the “Republic Refund” plan. There are no new phones that work with this plan. The only phones that do are the legacy Republic phones which are no longer available new. You can often find the legacy devices on sites like eBay or Swappa. These legacy devices are the Republic specific versions of the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2.

Honestly, the marketing is pretty straightforward. There are no new phones that work with your plan (and haven’t been for over 2 years). 100% of the phones work only with the plans that shown on the site: https://republicwireless.com/plans


Thanks. I wonder how long you plan on allowing people to use the plan …

Your site is not very smart about routing people to upgrade. You can look at phones and you have no idea what plan they use, you look at plans and you don’t know what phones will work. All the time you have no idea if the OS is limited for any given phone. You need to tell people what is MISSING, what will NOT work, what is the LIMITATION. Instead it’s all posi-happy promo. I want to spend about ten minutes getting a phone that will still work in five years on a cheap super low data plan. Instead it’s like I’m stuck at the mall. You need an express lane with the pitfalls and dead ends carefully described so the decision making can be fast.


You have to remember, there are two very different groups of people buying from the site:

  1. Existing customers, on devices that haven’t been sold in two or more years, that are looking to upgrade. Small potential audience.

  2. New customers, not with Republic (or with a phone bought in the last 2 + a bit years), have never heard of Republic Refund, don’t care what the history is, etc. Much much larger potential audience.

The site is designed to address the 2nd audience who doesn’t want to be confused by history or anything else. The site presents what is available today, and nothing else. This appeals to that audience.


Your audience size analogy is poor. You have customers, and you have potential customers. Thanks for answering my question though!


The only phones Republic might point folks wishing to keep a grandfathered plan to are generally sourced previously used from third parties. Are you suggesting Republic’s marketing website should do so? Or, would you simply like it to be more clear any new phone means a plan change for some?

Unless one thinks My Choice meets the test of such a plan, I don’t believe such a thing exists with Republic. All legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) are CDMA phones. CDMA technology is already being phased out. 4G LTE and emerging 5G technology are evolutions of GSM not CDMA. In 5 years time (likely more like 2-3 at most) 3G and 2G technology will have been phased out and with it CDMA.


Thanks, helpful timeline data on the phase out. Do you know when I bought my Moto X?


Hi @beachcolonist

Understand, we are customers much like yourself. I am amazed there are RW customers still using the Defy XT…my first RW phone(s), and they (RW) are still supporting that phone and plan.

Not sure which one surprises me more. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless you want to purchase a ‘years-old’ previously used phone…there are none.

That said, there is a great promo running for a Moto G6 right now.

Moto G⁶ | Republic Wireless (click on the “Dorm Pack” promo).


Thanks. RW is for penny pinchers, so when your phone works, you do not think about replacing it. I have a monster PC for data, I use the phone for communications.

Ok so re the G6, I also see a refurb Galaxy S7 on this site for the same money. I am inclined to the Samsung, just because it was so costly new. But you may know more. I make calls and navigate, and if it has a great camera all the better. I do not use social media or phone apps. G6 or S7 at $250, which is smarter? S7 is weather resistant.


Great questions!.

There can be all sorts of answers. Moto vs. Samsung user interfaces will be much, much different though…I would have to ask “how comfortable” are with that?.

The G6 Dorm promo is a pretty darn good deal/~upgrade from an X1 in my opinion…(I upgraded my Ex with one from an X2, with a nephew soon to follow).

There are pro’s and con’s to either, it really comes down to preference in my view.

Ask questions, we like those!..:grinning:


So you say a budget phone is as good today as a top tier was only two years ago?


Opps, I meant to say “I thought it was a good deal”. :flushed:

Again though, I would have to ask…for clarity’s sake,
X1 vs. G6
G6 vs. S7



Furthermore: I see you have a G6 offer with an accessory battery and 3G free data for $200. But the sneaky part is that the plan is then $30 a month for the 3G plan. Can I buy that phone for $200 and change to the basic MyPlan?


With reference to a refurb tiop end Samsung s7 on this site, vs the budget Motorola G6, you had no choice, saying it’s a matter of preference. So therefore I can infer that a cheap phone today is as good as a top end phone two years old.

But people like me don’t have lots of phone prefs, swear at the lousy layout and ergo of my Moto X all the time. I don’t need processing power, but I’d like a good camera and all around build quality. I’ll keep it 5 years.


Perhaps, this might make the decision easier. The certified pre-owned S7 is out of stock and that’s unlikely to change. Last I checked the S7 edge remained available. Republic’s certified pre-owned phones do not carry a manufacturer’s warranty only Republic’s 14-day money back guarantee.


Yes, you can change to the basic My Choice.



Thanks and I do mean that. In my case I don’t need the decision to be easy I need it to be right. Either a budget phone (G6) is as good a phone as a top end (S7) from two years ago, or it is not. Warrantee is ■■■■ these things never break.


I would be all over that Moto G6 special if it had NFC and Band 71 support.
The only Motorola phone that has all the features I need is the Moto Z3 Play, but I see that there is no CDMA solution yet for it from R.W. Hopefully my Moto X1 will last a little while longer (and maybe the price will continue to fall on the Z3 Play). The Moto X4 is very intriguing, but it does not support Band 71 (too bad because it can be had for $250).


So I can buy it for $200 and get the battery too, and then change to My Choice as soon as I get the phone? Why would anyone buy it for $250?


You get the phone, the power-pack, and 3 mos. discounted cellular GB, 14-day return, and no contract on an unlocked Moto G6 phone…no smoke, no mirrors. I think it’s a good deal.

you are seeing this correct?. https://landing.republicwireless.com/back-to-school-dormroom?icid=moto-g6-hero-back-to-school-banner-2