Just updated my debit info for Billing Dept. FYI

Can a billing representative please resubmit my bill as I just noticed I failed to update my new debit card number before yesterday’s billing. I recently change card information and it should process my bill with no problem now. My sincere apology. Doug.

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Any failed transaction is automatically retried within 24 hours once you update your card info.

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Hi @douglasp.ttcgbq,

For what it’s worth, I’ve found myself in a similar circumstance and ended up paying my bill a few days (more than one) late. I’m confident, you’ll experience no issue.

Hi @douglasp.ttcgbq,

It’s a fully automated process, so no billing representative has to come in contact with your billing information. No need at all for apology, as we completely understand about replacement credit/debit cards, that’s why we have a grace period. If your account went to cancellation and you need us to try to get your phone number back, please do open a support ticket and let us know.

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