Just upgraded and concerned I could be charged twice for service



Hi, I just upgraded my phone and my data plan yesterday. Unfortunately, this coincided with my monthly payment for my old plan which I did last night. Am I going to be charged twice this month when my upgraded data plan takes effect?

Thanks in advance


Hi @kentw.dgfzww,

Short answer, no. For more detail, may we know brand, model and (if applicable) generation of both old and new phone?


[quote=“rolandh, post:2, topic:10315”]
Short answer, no
[/quote]As said there are many variables.

You can easily check payments/orders in your account Manage Phones area to ease your concerns.


The old phone is a Moto G (1st Gen.) and the new phone is a Moto G5 Plus.


when you upgrade from a legacy phone to a 3.0 phone any unused portion of the legacy plan will be prorated for what ever left on it (be it 1 day or 30 days any unused refund data will also be refunded )


Good to know. Thanks!


The key here is that your billing cycle does not change.

So your first payment for the new plan will be pro-rated to end of your current billing cycle.
Also, you will get a pro-rated refund as noted by @drm186 above. Starting with your next
billing cycle everything should be routinized.

You should review your next couple of bills, just to make sure that everything looks
as expected.


The new 3.0 plan is also prorated. If it was activated as an upgrade on the last day of your billing cycle you would see a very small refund/payment for that one day of billing period.


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