Just upgraded to Moto G5s +, want to give Moto G4 + to friend with her number

What is the proper procedure for such a move?

Hi @kimw.jl7dem

Should be easy-peasy. If your upgrade to the G5s+ is successful, it should have automatically canceled the G4+, therefore leaving the G4 without a number and deactivated.

Simply have her activate the new to her G4 and initiate a Number Transfer (or Porting)

This document (although you are not really selling it), covers the basic’s.

Does that help? :slightly_smiling_face:

edit 2: just wondering if you are gifting to her or giving it to her, makes a difference. :grinning:

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Hi @kimw.jl7dem,

I’d suggest you remove any screen lock, then factory reset the phone before giving it to a friend, to erase all your personal content.


Thank you all for the good info!


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