Just want to use wifi when available but have cellular when it is not available


My husband is using a Moto G5 Plus, the $30/month 2 GB data plan and he is used to an iphone so I am hoping we just need an education in androids. We want to tell the phone to default to wifi and when wifi is not available (we live in the boonies) that cellular kick in. Is there a setting we can adjust to make that happen?


Great question @paulinet.yjgkez

A little more detail will go along way here in the community.

RW is built on “WiFi First” technology, so you have come to the right place. :relaxed:

This may be a little dated, but much the same difference. Feel free to respond here in the community.

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The RW app is designed to do this automatically without having to make any additional setting changes.

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Hi @paulinet.yjgkez,

Are you asking about connecting to WiFi for Internet access or for calling? For Internet access Android phones generally and Republic phones specifically will prefer and connect to available WiFi just like iPhones (and other smartphones) do.

While Republic’s app does indeed manage the calling and text messaging experience, it does not (in and of itself) connect one to available WiFi. That’s managed by Android just as iOS manages the same on iPhones. More on using available WiFi here:

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