Kahoot Challenge #2: Greeting and Introductions (2/9/18)


Time for another challenge! Let’s play Kahoot!

Our Greetings and Introductions! thread is shaping up with some introductions from some fascinating Republic Wireless members. We’ve seen adorable pet photos, read about interesting hobbies, and noticed one state trending as the most-lived-in state among those who introduce themselves.

Enjoy the thread, then take our Kahoot! challenge!

Playing requires that you download the Kahoot App, no browser-based version is available for this style of play.

This challenge ends Tuesday, February 13, at 11:00 p.m. ET

To play:

On your phone or tablet, go to:

If you haven’t done so before, download and install the Kahoot app. (Make sure you’re on Wi-Fi!)
If you don’t like a lot of noise, turn off the sound in the audio!

  1. Tap the profile icon at lower left of your screen.
  2. Tap the gear icon at top right
  3. Toggle “Music” and “Sound Effects” off

Enter the challenge PIN: 0848610
Accept the challenge and move through the rounds!
Once you tap the “1” to start round one, you’ll be prompted for a “Nickname.” Please use your Community username. or something close enough that we can know it’s you!

I’ll post the leaderboard daily and we’ll have some surprise prizes along the way.

Greetings and Introductions!

Just played. I have to admit, I needed to guess a bit, since most of those who introduced themselves are pretty new here in community, at least to me. No prize for me, but wanted to try it out again. :grin:


Well, @michellen, you’re top of the leaderboard so far, but lack of interest in the game is making it less of a challenge than it ought to be. Here’s tonight’s view, and you can thank @andreas for making you look good.


I was determined to do that, and succeeded very well (thank you very much)!


Well, I guess we all get to be good at something, and at least for now, this is my 15 minutes. :grin:


It’s been a bad weekend for me do to much on Republic (between Snow storms and leading an Cub Scout overnight adventure {where every planing thing that could go wrong did} I was going to do this after work today (If I don’t get some breating room before then)


well i couldn’t knock you out of 1st place, and i only got 2 questions wrong!


That’s because I only got 1 wrong. :grinning:


Only one day left to go, and @michellen remains in the lead. Is no one up to the challenge of dethroning her?




Just 20 or so minutes left to this challenge and it looks like no-one can de-throne our current challenge queen!

A few of you played under names that don’t quite match up with Community names, so I can’t identify you for potential prizes. :crying_cat_face:

Can’t anyone out score @michellen? Or are you all just too nice to try?


A respectable 12th place if I do say so myself.


Nicely done, @Burusutazu, saving the mysterious jbjb from the ignominy of being in last place!

So… prizes…

Obviously we need a first place prize. But I know @michellen well enough to know she wasn’t playing for the prize. So @michellen, your prize is the gift of giving someone else a RW swag item. Wander around the Community over the next day or so and surprise someone with their choice of a RW T-shirt or baseball cap.

Newest Newbies prize goes to @ChefHorst for making the Notable Newbies: Welcome! thread and the Kahoot leaderboard in the same day! What’s your preference @ChefHorst, baseball cap or RW T-shirt?

Taco Tuesday prize goes to @Burusutazu for so capably taking last place (because someone has to) on a Tuesday. We’ll get a gift card good at Taco Bell out in the mail to you tomorrow!


Oooh, a cap sounds fabulous


Oh, fun! I’d love to give this away! Do I tag you when I find the lucky winner @southpaw?


Yes, please!


this is fun. swag or no-swag i hope we keep doing these :smiley: