Keep Android auto from launching

Does anyone know how to keep Android auto from launching on my phone? (G5 plus).

I want to disable it on the phone, not on the car.


There an autolaunch setting in the Android Auto app settings, here you can turn off the Android auto launching when connected to a car.

I think that auto-launch setting is only for when Bluetooth connecting to a car and using it via Bluetooth only and the phone screen.

There’s a couple of ways I can think to handle this. Open Android Auto when not connected to a car, hit the stacked lines on the top left and then Settings. There, toggle off “Add new cars to Android Auto”. Then if you’ve already connected to the car you don’t want to be connected to click the three stacked dots on the top left and select “Forget all cars”.

Second, uninstall Android Auto from your phone.

Thanks for the replies.

I should have added that Android Auto was not installed.

I have now installed it, and disabled everything in settings. We’ll see how it goes.

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