Keep getting disconnected from wifi every 15 seconds



I have a moto g4 plus running android version 7.0, which is the most up to date according to my phone. I have refund 2.0 and data.

I recently moved into a new place and the first device I connected to wifi was my phone and it keeps getting disconnected approx every 15 seconds and then reconnecting. I also have a PS4 and 2 Laptops and a 3ds that connect to the same wifi and work perfectly fine. If I create a hotspot with my laptop and connect my phone to it, it works fine, but If i connect directly to the wifi, the aforementioned problem continues. I have soft reseted both my phone and the modem/router multiple times, the problem persists. I have also forgot the wifi connection and restarted phone. Still not working. I have tried starting the phone in safe mode and even in safe mode it disconnects and reconnects every few seconds. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 3g works fine.


Sounds like this could be a SIP ALG (Application Level Gateway) problem on the router, as the other devices are not attempting to establish an immediate VoIP connection.

  • What Router are you now attaching to?
  • Info on disabling SIP ALG is here

router is a Netgear c6300, i’m not sure if that’s significant or not. i will look into the SIP ALG, thanks.

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See page 48 in the [C6300 manual]( where they walk through disabling SIP ALG (which apparently is enabled by default)

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