Keep getting "no cell data" notification

Hi, I have a motox4 that I have had for about a year, with a 1GB data plan monthly. I never run out of data because I am almost always on wifi (and also because I once accidentally bought an extra gig, so … ). Surprise, surprise, I have been mostly confined to my home these past 2 months, so … again, entirely on wifi.

The last couple weeks, however, most times when I pick up my phone it will say that I have no cell service and need to look for wifi access. This is weird for 2 reasons: 1) as stated above, I am connected to my home wifi; and 2) I should be able to roll to cell data if necessary. What is happening? This is not a big problem at the moment, but if I should lose wifi connection, I want to know that I will be able to use cell data.

I haven’t really done anything to try to “fix” this problem of an overactive notification, and it looks like (based on the upper icons) I actually do have connection to cell data. It’s just weird. I appreciate any thoughts.


Hi @sharond,

I’m not entirely sure where you were going with the parenthetical statement about the extra GB, but I want to be sure you understand that data purchases expire on the billing cycle date. An extra GB you bought prior to the current billing cycle is no longer available for your use.

Again, I’m not entirely sure I’m on the same logic path you were taking, but I want to be sure you understand that not having cell service and having bought data don’t really have anything to do with each other. You can buy multiple GBs of data, but if there’s no service because of some sort of coverage or connectivity issue, you won’t be able to use it.

I think though, what you are seeing is a “false positive” notification that has been reported lately. When you awaken the phone and begin to use it, does it connect right back to your WiFi?
If so, I think you’re seeing the same erroneous status notification discussed here:

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Thanks for the confirmation that cell purchases expire after the cycle they were purchased in. My point was to cover the base that might have someone thinking I was simply out of data. Also, I am aware that there could be a local outage, but I am showing there is a signal. The warning is just a quick glimpse of that triangle warning sign and then gone. I am just trying to track down a cause and suspect it is the false positive (?) notice you mentioned. I will try to pick up that thread. Thank you.

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