Keep old T-Mobile phone number (or account) temporarily active after porting to new RW acccount

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My wife and I have both have (separately) T-Mobile pay-as-you-go grandfathered plans, using a flip-phone on one and a slider on another. We’ve decided to brave the exciting world of smartphones. I would like to port each of the T-Mobile phone numbers to new RW plans. But I want the ability to return to the T-Mobile plans if it turns out that RW isn’t to our liking. I don’t want to lose the T-Mobile account because I won’t be able to get their very low cost plans back since they are grandfathered and no longer available to new subscribers.
Is this possible? Will T-Mobile know that I have ported the phone numbers to a different carrier? Will it matter to them?

When you port a number from one phone to another the phone you are porting from is deactivated. I suppose T-Mobile is like other carriers and closes an account a short while after all the phones it contained have been deactivated.


Thanks, billg, for helping this noob.
Maybe we’ll just get new phone numbers. We don’t have that many friends to worry about getting our new contact info. :slight_smile:
I really hate giving up that pay-as-you-go plan. For about $100/year each, we’ve been able to get by on our dumb phones.

You can port your numbers at any time, keeping the dumb phones active and paying both carriers. RW gives you a couple of weeks to evaluate their service with a return privilege. If you like T-Mobile coverage know that if you buy phones from RW they will come with what RW feels is the best coverage for your ZIP, Sprint or T-Mobile. If you buy your phones and SIMS elsewhere you will find yourself using T-Mobile towers.

In the comparison at this link know that GSM is T-Mobile, CDMA is Sprint.

That does sound like a big price increase @MelChe

$100/2/12… ($4.20 per mo./per phone). The least you can spend on a plan would be $15 X2X12, plus taxes and fees.

On the other hand, modern day smartphones can do amazing things for the money. Especially when you have a group or community like RW has for support and advise.


We bought two unlocked Moto G5 Plus phones from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. We just received our sim cards from RW today. One reason we are trying RW is the coverage we get with our T-Mobile pay-as-you-go plan isn’t the best. I understood that the pay-as-you-go-plan’s coverage isn’t as good as a normal T-Mobile plan. Which I hope is true, as we do run into coverage issues from time to time.
So is it true that since we did not get our G5s directly from RW, they will behave differently than if we had?
Keeping the dumb phones active while we try RW is exactly what I want to do.
Thanks again for your assistance.

Because you bought the phones from Best Buy they will end up working with the T-Mobile towers. This is because the only RW SIM you can buy at this time works with them. The coverage you get will be the same coverage T-Mobile customers get, data limits not-with-standing.

If the T=Mobile coverage still isn’t satisfactory, take a look at the Sprint coverage for your ZIP code and for areas you frequent. If that will be better, open a service ticket with RW and they will send you SIMs that work with Sprint.

The G5+ is a really nice phone.


No. They will (should) behave exactly the same. In fact, if you let the community know you zip code(s), we can advise you if the Sprint network would be a better option for you.
RW may be able to switch you over to CDMA(Sprint) if the coverage is better…(since you indicate T-mobile’s coverage isn’t that good in your area).



@c1tobor yes, the budget gets a little tighter. We are hoping our lives become much more satisfactory with the G5+ :wink:

@billg, spent a lot of time looking at phones, sounds like we made a good choice,

I hope I’m linking to your user names properly

Our zip code is 44691

Great help, appreciate it. Now I go to sleep for the evening. Will check in later.

Goodnight @MelChe

Your good to go…thanks for the zip code…someone will check. :grinning:

If that is Wooster Ohio it looks to me like T-Mobile has Sprint beat in the outlying areas.

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From the carrier maps I see T-Mobile has only fair coverage in the area [mostly outside coverage]
It does look Sprint has better coverage there

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I wonder if @MelChe understands the value of WiFI connectivity and the value it offers over those traditional MVNO’s pricing structures.


When you activate those phones put the Anywhere app on them and on your PCs. With that you can message from the phones and from the PCs,.

It also depends on whether or not @MelChe’s grandfathered plan with T-mobile has unlimited talk and text. Some plans back in the day didn’t even include that. Just talking about that now seems so archiac, but it was able to save @MelChe I am sure a lot of money.

I am assuming @MelChe’s T-mobile plan doesn’t have unlimited talk and text because it is a pay as you go plan.

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Hey everyone…

@billg, yes, that is Wooster Ohio. Thanks for advice on the Anywhere app

@c1tobor, yes, I hope to use as much WiFi as possible

@aFloridian, my grandfathered plan does not have unlimited talk or text. Basically I buy $100 worth of minutes (which also gets a few bonus minutes), they last one year, and it’s usually just about enough to get me thru one year. Yes, it has saved me a boat load of money, which is why I’m loathe to give it up.

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After all your help and the education you gave me, I’m going to keep my T-Mobile plans for the time being. One of them is paid for until Dec. 2018, the other until Aug. 2018. I’ll activate my RW phones with new phone numbers, set the two T-Mobile phones to forward calls to the new RW numbers, and give these new smartphones and RW a trial, and see if it’s worth the extra moola every month. If not, I’ll have (2) Moto G5+ phones for sell in a couple of months.
Thanks, everyone.


Figures…our T-Mobile plan doesn’t provide call forwarding :unamused:

I have 2 flip phones with exactly the same plan you have – I use them infrequently, but have kept them active by adding $10/year (condition of their gold plan). It is now a “Legacy plan,” and the only thing they will let you change is the size of the SIM (NEVER the number). Because the flip phones are 2G, you may eventually have to change to a 4G flip phone with a different SIM size. When you change to either a 4G/LTE smartphone or flip-phone, your t-mobile coverage/signal-strength will instantly improve.

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