Keep plan with new phone?



I am currently on the Republic Refund plan. If I buy a Moto E4, can I keep my plan on the new phone?


No all new phones must have the 3.0 plans


OK - can I keep my old plan on my old phone, but change the number (basically giving it to my wife and transferring her number to it)?


Simple answer is - yes.

As for the process… it will depend on what phone your wife currently has.
If it is another Republic Wireless phone…then you will simply reactivate your old
phone as a replacement to your wife’s existing phone.

If your wife’s phone is with another provider then you will first activate your old
phone with a brand new phone number and then initiate a number transfer request.
You will first need to ensure that your wife’s number is able to transferred to Republic Wireless. See here for full details on the number transfer process.

In either case, you will first buy your new phone, activate it to move your number over to that phone…at which point your old phone will be deactivated. It is a good idea to factory reset it before you reactivate it for your wife.


Hi @joeld.uearfd,

The support team can swap numbers between two phones on the same account. You’ll need to open a help ticket to make the request.


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