Keep receiving Presidental Alerts


I keep receiving the Presidental Alert everyday. I delete the alert and it back the next day.

How do I stop it from appearing?


Could this be a virus?


If they’re coming in at the same time every day, try putting your phone in safe mode prior to the alert. If you do not receive it in safe mode, then it could be a popup ad scam coming from an app.


Viruses on Android are vanishingly rare. Now a pop-up scam ad, that it could be.


Hi @michaelm.uoe7sp,

I concur a popup ad is a distinct possibility. On the other hand in case it really is the Presidential alert continuing to broadcast itself, may we know brand, model and generation of the phone in question? With that information, we can provide guidance as to how to delete the alert from your phone to see if that’s it.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android 8.0.0


since it is a samsung take a look in the text message for one from the POTUS
samsung has stuck the alerts in the samsung message app and if you don’t delete it from the texts on the phone it will keep popping up


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