Keep SIM when transferring out?

Hi all,

So I bit the bullet and got a new Pure and switched to 3.0 plans at the start of the month. But today, my MIL offered to add me to their AT&T plan and I’ll get access to LOTS more data for about $5 more (Like 15 GB between 5 people … typically they use about 3 GB between the 4 of them. While I don’t use much, it’s nice to not worry about it.) (family plan, no links, this is special to them).

I’ll be porting out starting today - I know not to do anything until it’s an all clear and I’ll be getting an AT&T sim to replace the (new) RW one. Hopefully the port completes before the holidays “start”!

But my question is this - if I keep my RW sim card, can I put it back in the phone and get the service back from RW (port back in, not automatically, I realize)? Or is the sim card now just a dead piece of plastic that can’t be reactivated? If for some reason I don’t like the AT&T service or being on the family plan or whatever, I wanted to see how easy it would be to go back to RW…

Thanks all!

(PS - part of the reason for the fast switch is that 3.0 service SAYS “LTE” on my phone, but it crackles, hard to hear phone calls, music stops playing… none of these were issues with the 2.0 plan service… so worth moving on for at least a trial.)

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Once your Republic Wireless (GSM) SIM card is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated. You would need to purchase a new SIM card if you choose to reactivate your Republic Wireless service.

From a note in Return and Replacement Policy: Republic SIM Cards:

Note: Deactivated SIM cards can’t be reactivated.

So dead piece of plastic - too bad.

Thanks @cbwahlstrom!

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