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We have a Moto E 2nd Generation. When I go to Settings to turn Wireless “ON”, the slide bar doesnt stay on but goes off. I search for a wifi network and find one but it doesn’t stay on. How do I use wifi from the phone?




Good Morning @marlinh.pfz34q,

I think you’re saying when you attempt to slide the WiFi toggle on; it reverts to off on its own. If I’ve got that right, please try toggling Bluetooth on. Does Bluetooth stay toggled on or does it also revert to off on it’s own? A couple of other things to try:

  1. Clearing the Cache
  2. Safe Mode (Lollipop 5.1)

If WiFi remains toggled on after clearing the Android app and Android systems caches, problem solved. If not, move on to Safe Mode. If WiFi remains toggled on in safe mode, there is a third party app conflict.


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