Keeping number, moving backwards from Nexus 6p to MotoX1

For the last 3 years I’ve been using a Nexus 6p on RW. Before that i used a Moto X1 on RW. My Nexus 6p just died, totally and completely, without any warning. I still have the Moto X1 that I used to use on RW. I’m finding some RW info that seems to indicate that it’s still possible to re-activate a Moto X1 but what’s not clear to me is whether or how I could bring my existing phone number ‘backwards’ from the Nexus 6p to the Moto X1. If I can bring the number backwards from the Nexus to the MotoX1, can I also ‘bring backwards’ other info (photos, etc? and settings from the dead 6p to the 'good ol X1? Thanks very much for any help with this

Issue Description

a Moto X 1st Gen can still be reactivated on the 2.0 Republic Refund plan (and it can take a number currently assigned to a 3.0 phone)
to do this one will
power up the Moto X 1st Gen
open the Republic app
walk though the activation process (login in to the republic account that has the number and selecting that number during activation)

Hi @trevorinvt,

Moving your number back to the Moto X1 is indeed possible:

If you happen to be using Republic’s annual prepay option on the Nexus 6P, please let us know before moving your number back to the Moto X1.

Regarding content on the 6P; short of expensive forensic recovery, it’s not possible to retrieve content from a dead phone. There’s some good news in that whatever, was being backed up via your Google account will populate the X1 or another Republic compatible phone, so long as you use the same Google account in use on the Nexus 6P.


Thank you all VERY much. The Moto X1 is now running, surprisingly well. This gives me functinality while having time to decide what I want to get for a new phone. Thanks again.


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