Keeping old plan with new number Moto G

Thanks in advance, again, for your help.

I should be receiving, today, my new Moto Play.

After activation, I’d like to give my old Moto G on my current plan to my son.

I, currently, am on the old $25 plan with 5 Gb of data.

This is the plan I’d like to give him

It is my understanding that I can do this but how do I do it?

I have the info on activating my new phone and doing a factory reset on the old one as mentioned here.

I will be adding this to my account

do not active the new phone as an line upgrade

activate it as a new line then create a support ticket to swap the new number with your old, this is the only way to keep the old plan

Republic Help

Thanks, drm186.

I assume I do none of the prep to give the old phone to my son until this is done.

Also when can I do my backups to move my stuff to the new phone?

As far as the prep on your old phone, you can do anything prior to this number swap. You can factory reset the phone even. You can do backups (whatever that may mean to you) whenever you wish. Assuming you have a Gmail account, most of the backing up/syncing can be quite seamless with just signing into Google/Gmail when you get the new phone. The more important part will be REMOVING your Google/Gmail account from your old phone (since I assume you don’t want your son with access to your Gmail and all the many things linked to it…and vice versa).

Ultimately, you can do anything with the phone presently besides deactivating the Republic service on it. When you get the new phone, be carefully sure that you’re activating the cellular/Republic part as a NEW SERVICE LINE (not as a replacement to your current service line) when you get to that option. This will give you a new number, temporarily, until you contact support and ask for them to swap the numbers.

One last note, the support experience should be much faster if you activate your new phone on the SAME ACCOUNT as your current service line. If you activate a whole new account, the number swap will become cumbersome and take much longer.

Hope this helps.

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