Keeping phone in metal tool box


Hi, I put my phone in my metal tool box at work. Will this damage the phone electronics since it will be working very hard to attempt to maintain cell & WiFi connection?

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It’s not a good ideal to leave it on while in the tool box
the metal box will do a good job of blocking the cell and WiFi signal and the phone will up it radios power looking for them (causing the phone to drain battery and heat up)


It might discharge the battery faster. If you can’t hear it ring or notify when it’s in the tool box you might as well turn it off saving the battery for when you are not at work.


Hi @keni,

Would you mind letting us know which phone you have?

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Hi @keni,
I have kept phones in a toolbox since I had cell phones. The key is to leave the drawer open a couple inches or if you have a huge toolbox with a lift up lid just set it in there with the lid up . Encasing it in steel makes a Faraday cage. Just useless knowledge!
How a Faraday Cage works

edit: Plus if you can figure out which cell tower the phone is using and turn the open tool box the direction of that cell tower the steel will kinda direct the signals to the phone sitting in the open drawer or my choice the lid.


Motorola Moto G4 plus


Ah, sorry. For some of our older phones we have some B-stock Otterbox Defenders on hand, and I was going to see if having it in a sturdy case with a belt clip would help you get it out of that toolbox. But we don’t have any right now for the G4. :crying_cat_face:


Will it speed up the battery discharge? - quite likely. Will it cause irreversible damage to the phone?
Not likely.

I play tennis in a metal shed building…for the duration of two hours, the building pretty much acts like a giant version of your tool box. During this time phone receives no cellular signal. I do not see any abnormal discharge of my battery. Of course, this is limited to couple of hours… if you have it there for your whole work day you might see somewhat higher battery discharge.

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