Keeping US Number when traveling internationally for extended period

Is there a straightforward way that a Republic Wireless member can keep his or her US Republic phone number when traveling internationally for an extended period of time?

I will be overseas for one year and plan to use my Republic 3.0 phone overseas with a local SIM. Ideally I would like to keep my current US number so I can use it again with Republic Wireless when I return to the US after one year. It would also be great to be able to receive calls/messages at my US number even when I’m overseas.

Is Republic Anywhere a good option here? Do I need to continue paying for a Republic plan in order to keep my number and/or maintain the ability to receive messages on my US number?

Thank you.

Hi @jons.sooshe and welcome to the Community!

Keeping the number at Republic means continuing to pay Republic, which is certainly an option. Republic service works outside the U.S. when connected to WiFi but does mean swapping between a Republic SIM for that and a local provider’s SIM for cellular service. The miinimum Republic My Choice plan expense would be $15 plus taxes and regulatory recovery fees per month.

If you think you might like to use Republic service on WiFi while overseas, please tell us if your phone’s current SIM is GSM or CDMA. Here’s how: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

A slightly less expensive option would be moving your Republic number to an app based service such as Sideline. Sideline is $10/month and would effectively put your Republic number on the phone via its app simultaneously with your new local cellular number.

Google Voice is also an option but moving a Republic number there is a hassle. For more on that, please see here: Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines.

Finally, it’s possible to “park” your number for eventual reuse with Republic upon your return at NumberBarn.

Should you decide to move your Republic number to another service, doing so would cancel your Republic service and you would need a new SIM when you return to the U.S. before reactivating with Republic. I mention that. so you might reach out shortly before said return to request a new SIM, if necessary.

I will be away from the computer for the rest of the morning. If you have further questions and no one else chimes in to answer those, I’ll do my best to address them later today.


Hi @rolandh, your reply is very helpful. Thank you!

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