Kevo App Compatibility



I’m interested in the Moto 5G Plus. I also use the Kevo app from Kwikset. Can someone that has a Moto 5G Plus download the Kevo app from the Google Play Store and tell me if this phone is compatible? I now have a Moto X and it is not compatible.


Hi @paulo.l0tjjk

My son has a G5 Plus and I can have him check, but he is unavailable at the moment. I have a Moto X Pure, G5+, X 2nd Gen. and a Galaxy J3 on my account and the Playstore says the Kevo app is compatible with all my devices.


Although the app is compatible to install, it seems the Kevo locks are using a certain type of bluetooth low energy connection that for whatever reason, our phones don’t support.

My new car supposed to have a bluetooth low energy Keypass feature and even though I have it set up with my phone, it never connects. GM support says it mainly works with iphones and Samsung phones.

I’m waiting to hear myself if the Moto G5+ can handle it or not.


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