Keyboard does not come up


What phone do you have? motorola 5s

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My keyboard does not come up all the time. When trying to type a text message or type on google, there is just no keyboard that comes up. Swiping is difficult and have to do it several times. I only purchased this phone last week, this is the worst phone ever!


Sounds like there are a couple problems here. If I were you I would work with Motorola help or return the phone to the place of purchase.


Hi @jennifero.nyedio,

Did you buy the phone from Republic Wireless? Is it the Moto G5S?

Does the keyboard ever come up in any app? Are you sure you have a keyboard app installed and enabled?

For example, could this be the problem?

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Hi @jennifero.nyedio

Did any of the suggestions in this post help you fix your keyboard issue and feel better about your new phone?:slightly_smiling_face:


No because I installed a keyboard and today it disappeared again. I cannot return the phone because I do not have all of the original packaging. I am so disgusted that I wasted so much money on this phone and am so dis-satisfied. When I have the money I will go with another company.


For my g5, why does my keyboard disappear everyday and I have to install another one?


Hi @jennifero.nyedio,

This is not normal behavior, and there’s probably some app causing it. Are you using the Gboard keyboard?
Could you share a screenshot of Settings > Language and input > Virtual Keyboard ?


Hi again, @jennifero.nyedio,

I just realized you had asked the question again in a second topic. I’ve combined them here so we can focus the conversation in a single place.

Going with another company is not likely to solve this issue, as there is nothing specific about the Republic Wireless service that would cause your keyboard to disappear.

We’ll be more than glad to help you figure this out, but we’ll need your participation in the conversation in order to be of any assistance to you.

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No i mean I will have to buy another phone with another company. Guess I wasted the money on this phone. I don’t have hours everyday to deal with the same problem over and over again.


Hi @jennifero.nyedio,

I don’t think you wasted money on the phone, as we don’t have other Moto G5S users telling us their keyboards keep disappearing. My daughter uses the same phone and has never mentioned such a thing.

I also don’t think you’d need to keep wasting time with it over and over, (which no one would want to do) if we can help you solve it once and for all. But in order to do that, we’d need to work with you, together, to understand what you’ve tried and what might be going on.

For instance, earlier I asked some questions, but I don’t see your answers. Here’s what I asked:
Does the keyboard ever come up in any app? Are you sure you have a keyboard app installed and enabled?

For example, could this be the problem?

You did write:

What keyboard did you install? Are you using Gboard?

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@jennifero.nyedio Are you still looking for help with this issue?

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