Keypad for entering codes and pin on phone does not work well. Drops numbers all the time

What phone do you have?
Samsung 10e

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My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have found that restarting my phone will help a little but it gets very frustrating when trying to connect to a meeting using my phone and I need to enter a code or codes and 1 number out of 5 or more gets dropped causing me to have to re-enter it over and over again and many times getting the call dropped and having to call back again. This happens over a wireless connection and a cell connection. This also happens all the time when trying to check my Republic Wireless voice mail. Can RW just bring back the option to not have to enter my pin to check my voicemail? This is a royal pain when the numbers get dropped continuously. Sometimes I have to make the call 4 or 5 times before it will actually accept my voicemail PIN. My wireless modem works great and I sit about 5 feet from it but even when on cellular it has the same spotty signal. I have a great Samsung 10E phone and is up to date with the latest updates. I should also add that this also happens at my workplace on their wireless setup as well with my phone.

Hi @darrene.n0qh4w,

What you are experiencing is not the fault of the keypad. Sometimes the tones, when transmitted over Wi-Fi are not transmitted clearly enough for the receiving system to interpret them, even on great Wi-Fi networks.

Since you live in an area with spotty cellular coverage, you haven’t had much luck with our primary workaround, which is moving the call to cell in order to enter the codes.

Another trick that people have found sometimes works, is to put the call on mute while entering the codes. Please let us know if that helps.

Removing the PIN requirement for dialing into voicemail is not an option, but you can use the visual voicemail feature without a PIN. You can find the instructions to do so here:

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Some users, both here and on other forums, have reported some success if they provide a small delay between the numbers (for the extension or conference number)

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