Kid has blocked a number and I want to know how to unblock it

What phone do you have? gen 1

What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Think 1G

Issue Description

I went to settings to see calls and text and can’t see everything, it shows a time and text bit no number and no message

Hi @deborahc.ltgb77,

Are you viewing this call or text on the phone itself, or in the Republic Wireless account portal?

The portal I guess, I went into settings on republic app I think.

If you’re seeing something like this, it’s nothing any user of the phone did, it’s a bug we’re currently investigating:


That is what I am seeing.
So do you know how I check if she did block a number?

Blocking a number would keep that number from ringing the phone, it wouldn’t hide the fact that the number called.

On the older phones, the only options to prevent a call from reaching the phone are to use a third-party app like Mr Number, or edit the contact listing.

To see if the Contact listing has been edited, open the Contacts app.
Tap the name of the person you suspect has been blocked
Tap the pencil icon at top right
Tap the three dot :dots: menu at top right
and see if “all calls to voicemail” is checked.

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Maybe blocked is the wrong word.
Is there a way that a kid can hide me from seeing if she is texting someone?

She can delete all the text messages from the phone.

Where you were looking would show any text messages that were sent and received. There’s nothing she can do to edit that information.

Don’t worry about or suspect those with the missing phone numbers. So far in our investigation of why they are appearing that way, we beleive they are not text messages, but other things happening on the service line, like messages from short codes and transfers to voicemail.

She might also be using some sort of messaging app that doesn’t use the phone service - like Facebook messenger, Snapchat, or Whatsapp. Those messages would not be logged in the account call and text history.

You may want to look into an app like if you need some help as she learns to explore her boundaries.

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Thank you for all the help. It was nice to get a fast rwsponse


You’re welcome, and good luck!

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