Kid's First Cell Phone

Seeking recommendations for my son’s first cell phone. I’m looking to buy a refurbished unlocked phone that is inexpensive and durable with basic functionality so he can at least text with his friends and not look like he’s carrying a phone for an 80 year old.

How old is he? Is he into gaming? Are you OK if he is into gaming?

Not gaming at all. Just need a simple phone that will last him a few years and work with the Republic Wireless network.

If you just want a phone to talk, text, surf the internet, and play music, there’s nothing wrong with a Moto E6. Especially since it can be had for $99 direct from Motorola for a limited time. Sure, you could buy a refurb, but why not get something new with a factory warranty? Shop around for a cheap case and maybe a screen protector. It’ll save the tears if the kid drops the phone (I have experience with this).

You would also need to purchase a Republic Wireless SIM card.


Thanks for the recommendation. Your advice was really helpful.


You’re more than welcome. Good luck raising a kid in the information (sometimes disinformation) age. I find Google Family Link helps me monitor and manage my son’s screen time and usage.

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