Kill switch protection

How do you remove the “kill switch” protection before doing a factory reset?

Go into the settings/security/lock and remove any screen locks you set up

I have removed the screen lock. Is that all I have to do to remove the kill switch protection?

Just remove the screen lock and the factory rest all will be good

Hi @annamaev.v0tpmg

Google has a feature known as Factory Reset Protection also known as the Kill Switch.

Because the kill switch is designed to protect the phone after an unauthorized factory reset, it is actually quite easy to ensure to remove the kill switch section. In order for you to bypass the kill switch, just make sure you do the factory reset from within the phone. This way, the phone knows that you are authorizing the reset and will not ask you afterwords.

Erase your device’s data using the :settingsicon: Settings app.
You’ll be asked to enter your screen lock before using Reset.

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