Kindle app issues

When I power off & on my Moto X Pure, the Kindle app becomes uninstalls. This started happening a week ago. I have to reinstall it and set it up, download all my books each time.

Before that problem started, I had been having issues where sometimes a book wouldn’t download, even when I forced it to sync. When that happened, the only way I could get the book to download to my phone was to uninstall & reinstall the Kindle app.

Kindle app seems to have gotten buggy? Or is there a fix for this?

I found this note in the Kindle App that may be worth looking at … not exactly your symptoms but I would still update the App that works with Kindle

Tip: If you happen to encounter a blank screen during login or while loading the Kindle Store, please be sure to update the ‘Android System WebView’ app from . Alternatively, search for “Android System WebView” on the Google Play App Store and update that app

I checked, and the update is installed. Thanks for the idea.

Hi @rachelr.cryh9g

I have a Moto X Pure with the Kindle app installed. I am not seeing any of the behaviors you describe. I can power the phone off and on, use the app, add books etc. I don’t think this is a fundamental flaw in the phone or the app.

If you have not already done so, please try clearing the Android system and app caches. Here is a link to the instructions for that:

Clearing the Cache

If that doesn’t work, I recommend you look at other apps you may have installed just before this problem occurred. Uninstalling them may help get the Kindle app working again.



To aid in ruling out ‘other apps’ as mentioned by @johnny5 and considering that it could be a recent update to an app as well as a new app. You can see when apps were installed/updated with an app like Smart App Manager - Android Apps on Google Play .

Set it to **‘All’ **then Sort by (in the 3dot menu)Installed Date (new-> old) … this will give you a clear picture what apps/updates were done immediately before you begin having having a problem

jben and johnny5, thank you for your suggestions. I uninstalled a couple of my most recent apps. The problem persists.

I used Smart App Manager to see what has updated recently. I don’t remember exactly what day the problem started. It was sometime this past week. It was today I figured out it was happening when I powered up the phone. I think it was before yesterday but could have been as late as yesterday when it first happened. Yesterday, 7 apps updated. 6 apps updated 2 days before that. I’m not sure where to begin with all those updates. Should I try to uninstall each app one by one? Or is there a way to unroll the update? I’m not even sure what they all do. I’m pretty sure some of them can’t be uninstalled. Many of them I use regularly.

I chatted with Kindle customer service this morning. They had me de-register and re-register the Kindle app. The problem persists. They’ve forwarded it to technical service.

As deleting an app and then re-installing them is pretty easy, I personally would just write down the names and thendelete all 13 to see if that ‘fixes’ it … or start with the oldest and work towards the newest.

Sometimes an app problem can overlay something in main storage and the eventual fix is a System Reset/restore which most of us try not to do too often

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