Korean Input App Updates

I use a Moto X1 and every week I get the opportunity to update my Korean Input App. It arrives in the standared Google App Updates Available wrapping. Cute. I don’t speak Korean and so I ignore the offer. But it, like all Google Updates, install automatically for my “convenience”, if I ignore them. I’m always skeptical of Google anyway as they take whatever they want and never compnesate anyone for taking it. Free you say? I’m a bit too experienced to belive that. Nothing is free. So what is a Korean Inout App and why does Google force me to have it?

It’s just the Korean language keyboard, you can safely disable it and it will stop looking for updates

The same can be done with the Hindi and Pinyin input apps

  • Access your Apps via the App drawer (6dot center bottom)
  • Swipe left to the All column and then Find the Google Korean Input
  • **Select Disable **… answer OK to the warning
    • This can be done for other languages etc that you may not need, as they are manufacturer provided, you can’t remove them and on some apps you will get a note asking if you want to revert to the factory level (you do)
    • Once Disabled … you can find them by swiping left to the Disabled column if you ever over delete

Thanks to both of you. It’s still Google, but that may take care of it.

You are apparently like so many us that speak just English (UK and Aussie friends will argue with me on that)

Here is my Moto X Pure

I “disabled” all of them. But I’ve done that before. And one won’t even let me disable it without accepting and retaining basic reinstallation. It’s Google so it wasn’t worth keeping track of which one it was. I’m sure they’ll be back.

I believe the rule is… if there has been an update, then you can only remove the updates (and they warn us when that occurs), if no update they allow a ‘disable’. Why your, ‘disabled’ apps go live … no idea

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