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Want to say, “Thank you” for some help you’ve received at Republic Wireless? Tell us about it!

A prize for you

If you’ve been helped by someone on our Support team, one of our Experts or Ambassadors, someone here in the Republic, or on one of our social channels, we’d like to hear about it.

  • Reply in this thread
  • Tell us who helped you
  • Tell us a little about why you’d like to thank them

We’ll make sure that person hears of your gratitude. (If it’s a staff member we’ll make sure the team manager knows about it, too!)

Then, on the last business day of the month, we’ll randomly draw two of the kudos from that month and give the authors a Republic Wireless T-shirt!

Rules, because there always need to be some rules…

  • Please be nice and participate in the spirit of the contest.
  • Be specific. “Republic is great!” is nice to hear, but we are looking for specific situations where someone went above and beyond, or where Republic solved a particular need for you.
  • You must be a Republic Wireless member at the time of your entry to be eligible to win.
  • Winners will be selected by random drawing and announced in our Member Community.
  • Enter as often as you like, but you may win only once per quarter.
  • We reserve the right to offer an alternate prize.
  • The rules may be amended at any time.

A prize for our Community contributors

We’re going to try adding a new twist to this thread: A Community Participation Award.
Here’s how it works:
Once a quarter, on the first business day of the new quarter, we’ll have another drawing and award a $10 Amazon gift card to selected, non-staff Community members (including Experts) who have received kudos during the previous quarter. The number of awards will be determined by the number of non-staff kudos given during the quarter.

  • 0-9 non-staff kudos – No drawing, no prizes. Kudos roll into the next quarter.
  • 10-19 non-staff kudos – drawing for 1 prize
  • 20-29 non-staff kudos – drawing for 2 prizes
  • 30-39 non-staff kudos – drawing for 3 prizes
  • 40-49 non-staff kudos – drawing for 4 prizes
  • 50+ non-staff kudos – drawing for 5 prizes

Please note: Community members found to be gaming this system or soliciting kudos will be disqualified, or the Community Participation awards will simply be discontinued. Please, let’s keep it real.

So if someone here in Community helps you, be sure to let us know in this thread! You both just might win a prize!

Note: To keep this thread manageable, our entries are archived each quarter:

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Previous entries in our Kudo and Win topic have been archived (see the post above for an index of archives), and we’ll collect October entries below.

If someone on our help team or in our Community has helped you, please post a thank-you here!


I want to thank the customer service representative for all their help. I bought a prepaid phone thinking I could save money. But found out that it didn’t sink up with the company. They told me to return it and to let them know when I received the money back. I did so with in a few days I contacted them again and they gave me a coupon for my new Moto. G play. My old Moto g took a ■■■■. They were very kind and generous to me and quick response. I have been a customer since I believe 2013. I give you all kudos for your help. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hi @dianes.i56uqq,

Thanks for your very kind feedback about our Help team! Since you were the only person to post Kudos in our Kudo & Win topic in November, we didn’t even have to do a drawing to know that you have won a Republic Wireless T-shirt. I’ll contact you by personal message to get some additional details from you.


I would like to commend southpaw for her excellent customer service! Over the last five months, I have had a number of issues with my Motorola phone, none of which were the fault of Republic Wireless. But because of these issues, I have needed technical help with my Republic Wireless account and southpaw has been responsive and helpful throughout. I am truly appreciative of her assistance and her kindness.


@kristins.gixqs0 Thank you so much for the nice note regarding @southpaw 's commitment to Member success. She continuously does everything she can for every member, and I am so glad you were able to experience that.


Yes, I can add to Southpaw praises, she was a tremendous help to me last Spring when I had trouble with my new Moto G5 Plus… Yes, she is awesome!


Once again hands down to @southpaw, she has been the most amazing, kind and helpful RW team member. I wanted to purchase a new phone for my teen and she helped me narrow down the best options. #kudostosouthpaw


Antonio just helped me with a couple of issues. I had updated my email address associated with my account. However, I had a typo in the new email address, so when I attempted to log back into my account later, it didn’t recognize the email address I was using. Antonio assisted me with getting the incorrect email changed. He also assisted me with instructions on transferring my # to a different BYOP.




We have four eligible entries for Decembers Kudos, so we will have a late-night drawing, as soon as I can find someone to help with the selection process.


There’s no one (helpful) here.


You’re always here… Would you like to pick two letters from the word (that’s not really a word) KUDO to select this month’s winners?


K for Knew and U for Uear, as in Happy Knew Uear!


The letter K was assigned to @runtherace who shared kudos for Help Team member Antonio, and the letter U was assigned to @kristins.gixqs0. I’ll be in touch with each of you by personal message for details about your prize!

Thank you @louisdi for your help, and happy New Year, to you!

Letter assignments - for our armchair refs:


I would just love to say how much I really enjoy RW. But I’m a 62 yr. old disabled veteran. And have been fighting cancer for the last 10 yrs. Working on my 4th bout as of 2 weeks ago. I don’t want to sound like a big sad story but you format is very difficult for us old folks to follow. LOL! But I think I’ve figured out how to get around a few of your little tricks. I think you should make up a easy start booklet. A person can get lost in that book! And it’s very hard to navigate myself through it all.
Also I have ask ya’ll every since I became a member which was when you first started RW. Don’t get me wrong I Love you guys! But I get my check on the 1st. is there anyway you could change that to the 1st. Because you send me the bill on the 15th but sometimes I accidentally forget to leave it in the bank. And then I get all stressed out because my phone is how I reach my doctors.
I’m not mad or anything but I get so confused with how to use your RW site. So if I see a place where I think I might be able to I do it. If this isn’t in the right place your can delete it. Thank You [name redacted]


I want to thank rolandh for the help thus far on getting my hubby’s number number transfered from the Moto G1 to the Alcatel A30.