* Kudo & Win! *

Update: 3/1/2019

After a year and a half of fun Kudos, we’re retiring this contest. We appreciate all those who have participated!

Want to say, “Thank you” for some help you’ve received at Republic Wireless? Tell us about it!

A prize for you

If you’ve been helped by someone on our Support team, one of our Experts or Ambassadors, someone here in the Republic, or on one of our social channels, we’d like to hear about it.

  • Reply in this thread
  • Tell us who helped you
  • Tell us a little about why you’d like to thank them

We’ll make sure that person hears of your gratitude. (If it’s a staff member we’ll make sure the team manager knows about it, too!)

Then, on the last business day of the month, we’ll randomly draw two of the kudos from that month and give the authors a Republic Wireless T-shirt!

Rules, because there always need to be some rules…

  • Please be nice and participate in the spirit of the contest.
  • Be specific. “Republic is great!” is nice to hear, but we are looking for specific situations where someone went above and beyond, or where Republic solved a particular need for you.
  • You must be a Republic Wireless member at the time of your entry to be eligible to win.
  • Winners will be selected by random drawing and announced in our Member Community.
  • Enter as often as you like, but you may win only once per quarter.
  • We reserve the right to offer an alternate prize.
  • The rules may be amended at any time.

A prize for our Community contributors

We’re going to try adding a new twist to this thread: A Community Participation Award.
Here’s how it works:
Once a quarter, on the first business day of the new quarter, we’ll have another drawing and award a $10 Amazon gift card to selected, non-staff Community members (including Experts) who have received kudos during the previous quarter. The number of awards will be determined by the number of non-staff kudos given during the quarter.

  • 0-9 non-staff kudos – No drawing, no prizes. Kudos roll into the next quarter.
  • 10-19 non-staff kudos – drawing for 1 prize
  • 20-29 non-staff kudos – drawing for 2 prizes
  • 30-39 non-staff kudos – drawing for 3 prizes
  • 40-49 non-staff kudos – drawing for 4 prizes
  • 50+ non-staff kudos – drawing for 5 prizes

Please note: Community members found to be gaming this system or soliciting kudos will be disqualified, or the Community Participation awards will simply be discontinued. Please, let’s keep it real.

So if someone here in Community helps you, be sure to let us know in this thread! You both just might win a prize!

Note: To keep this thread manageable, our entries are archived each quarter:

Third Quarter 2017: Archived Kudo and Win entries for Q3 2017
Fourth Quarter 2017: Archived Kudo & Win entries from Q4 2017
First Quarter 2018: Archived Kudo & Win entries from Q1 2018
Second Quarter 2018: Archived Kudo & Win entries from Q2 2018
Third Quarter 2018: Archived Kudo and Win entries for Q3 2018
Fourth Quarter 2018: Archived Kudo and Win entries for Q4 2018


I’ve moved 14 posts into Archived Kudo and Win entries for Q4 2018. We’ll continue our Kudo and Win contest with the entries below.

I want to thank rolandh for the help thus far on getting my hubby’s number number transfered from the Moto G1 to the Alcatel A30.


Thanks. Great to have such healthy contests. https://vidmate.onl/vmate/ https://9apps.ooo/download/

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Hey republic wireless is dollor for dollor the best buy I ever made

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We have only one eligible entry for January, so no drawing is needed.

@krish.t5tqok, thanks for taking the time to thank @rolandh for his assistance! We’ll add an entry for Roland in our Community Contributor’s quarterly drawing, and I’ll be touch with you privately for some details about your T-shirt.

February is a short month, but it’s full of :heart:. Let’s make it a record-breaking month for Kudos!


Hi Kudo and Win fans,

We’re going to retire this topic for a while, but we do appreciate everyone who has taken the time to send an encouraging “Thank you” when they’ve been helped.

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