Kyocera Duraforce

Can I bring a Kyocera Duraforce phone to Republic Wireless? The “glove and wet touchscreen operation” would make it an excellent phone for use as a navigation device on a motorcycle.

Not at this time. Republic Wireless compatible phones are listed at:


Thank you. I should have phrased my question differently.

When will Republic Wireless add Kyocera Duraforce phones to the compatible phone list?

Honestly? Sometime between now and never. That’s as specific as anyone here can be. Republic doesn’t typically pre-announce what phones may be coming. When they’re able and ready to support a phone they typically announce it here.

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Darn it! That wasn’t the answer I’d hoped to hear :relaxed:. Guess I’ll use the Kyocera with open source maps, wifi, and Google Voice, and not worry about a data plan.

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