Lack of choices for new phones

I have been wanting to upgrade to a new phone but each time I look the phones are either out of stock or not even listed. Also, forget about ever finding one with high GB storage (64-128GB) because the only phones I ever find available to purchase are 16-32GB. Why the poor phone choices?

As you’ve discovered Republic isn’t your usual carrier and with their blended wifi service has more specific requirements for phones than other carriers. That being said, the list isn’t small. The Google Pixel / Pixel XL, Moto Z and S7 and S7 Edge, all come in larger storage varieties if that’s your priority.

The list of compatible phone (which includes phones not for sale by RW) is probably not as prominently displayed as it should be:

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

So, basically you advocate to go buy a phone elsewhere. And, I disagree that there are phones being listed that have high storage on RW or at least each time I look for them. Call me old fashioned, but I want to support a business I like, and buying a phone elsewhere is not supporting RW (in my opinion).

Hi @jeffreyf.dp6dzt,

It’s fair to say Republic doesn’t offer as much phone choice as some other service providers, largely, as others have observed due to Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service. That said, Republic offers more choice today than at any time in its’ history. Republic launched with exactly one phone; the DEFY XT. The DEFY was succeeded by Republic specific variants of the Moto X, E and G. At most, Republic offered a lineup of three of these legacy phones at any given time.

With the advent of Republic’s 3.0 platform, Republic now supports 17 North American factory unlocked phones. Those phones are listed here:…. Storage can be added to most of these via a MicroSD card.

All of the above said (and I do appreciate the desire to support Republic by purchasing a phone directly); if the supported phone in the configuration you prefer is available elsewhere, I don’t think Republic would be offended. I have no idea what Republic’s margins on the phones it sells is but I suspect Republic’s bread and butter is monthly service fees.

If I buy a phone from Amazon and it requires a SIM card for activation but there is no SIM card available for RW, how does one get a SIM card to activate when buying a phone elsewhere?

Only a few of RW’s phones are GSM only. The rest will work on both GSM (T-Mobile/AT&T) and CDMA (Sprint/Verizon). Although I don’t officially know, that seems to be their new policy. The majority of the phone available nowadays are GSM only. CDMA is found in the United States and not that many other places. GSM is most of the rest of the world.

To offer phone that work on all systems limits the available choices. It also give you unlimited carrier choices in the future.

If I buy a phone from Amazon and it requires a SIM card for activation but there is no SIM card available for RW, how does one get a SIM card to activate when buying a phone elsewhere?

Hi @jeffreyf.dp6dzt ,

If you buy a phone from Amazon, and it’s a phone we support, just add our SIM card to your Amazon order:

Republic SIMs can be found in the Republic Web Store (go to phone page and click the drop down menu “Shop” then click the “Bring you own device” link (Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless )

or the amazon link @southpaw@rw linked to

also note large capacity phones on Republic site include

Nexus 6P 64 GB by Huawei | Republic Wireless

Nexus 6P 128 GB by Huawei | Republic Wireless

Moto Z 64 GB | Republic Wireless note GSM only

Moto G5 Plus 64 GB | Republic Wireless

as note above there are several BYOD phones that can come with larger capacity (Moto X Pure, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7//S7 edge, Nexus 6, 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL )

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