Landline to Cell issues

I have been with my new number for a little less than a year. My kids school tried calling my cell phone. When they called they got a “this number is a non working number” message. When I arrived at the school, we dialed the number together, it doesn’t even ring, just gives four tones with the message. I had another person try to get a hold of me and got the same issue (business). The school told me , that another parent has a T-Mobile number and the same thing happens. My husband who has had his number for over 10 years (ported it- was first a verizon number, now on republic wireless), had no issues of the school calling him, than he called me… Both landlines are owned - 1 by verizon the other by a local telephone company (Onesource). Is this a republic issue? My issue? My phone issues (Moto G4)? Husband has Moto G 1 or 2…Thanks

That to me sounds like a potential routing issue. Have you recently transfer your phone number into Republic from another carrier? Have you attempted to have others call your phone that aren’t Republic customers whether cell or landline?

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