Last month's connectivity problem is back!

I have a Moto G5s. I had the nationwide problem that was corrected with a fix last month. Its back, at least on my phone. When I turn the phone on, the message “not activated on Republic” appears. I click “get activated”. it tells me insert a Republic sim card. This is infuriating and as I said above I’m near pulling the plug on Republic. Btw, I tried the 8647 workaround to fix this . One of the key features of a cell plan is reliability and lately, there hasn’t been much of it.

You may want to check out these articles I found in the RW Help section

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@williamm.1ial9w Are you still having this issue?

Yes, the problem happenes when the phone is turned off. When I turn it back on I get a message that there is Wi-Fi but no cellular. I restart the thing and get a message that the phone needs a Republic SIM card. I restart it a few more times and the problem disappears. Very dam frustrating if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and need help.

Hi @williamm.1ial9w,

Could you please try the steps in this article?

@williamm.1ial9w Are you still having this issue?

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