Latest Android 11 beta

Republic does not support use of Beta/Test OS software versions.

If you install this on your phone, it will no longer be compatible with or work with Republic service.


The article is about new features for Android 11. It will not be released for at least months from now. The beta has been released to developers to work out any bugs. No beta is available for download for users. It’s explained in the article.

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Thank you for the heads up on information. Do you have the XDA developers app? Sometimes it is quite interesting.

This is not correct.
It is a public beta status now.
Anyone with a Pixel can enroll in the Beta program and get it.

Your article merely states that normally and primarily, such betas are used by app devs and such. But many many users chose to be part of the public test betas.

I only post here to worn others that may read this thread, as they may not know, that they can not install any such betas and or else they will not be able to use RW anymore.


L have this new load on Beta .It is the 3 level of beta android 11 . Lt is on my Pixel 3a . When the finel come our they will load prduct ,an rhen you will be out of the beta and on the real android 11.

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Just installed Android 11 Beta 3 on my Pixel 3a. So far so good - no issues with calls or texts. --Dave

For other reading this please note, should you have to remove your SIM, reset your credentials or a number of other things, the Republic App will detect that you’re running an uncertified OS build and you won’t be able to get things working again while on the beta.

Thanks louisdi. Guess I will not try to remove my SIM card while running the beta!

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