Latest Gimmick - Unlimited Facebook (but good prices on regular data too)

I discovered this quite by accident - saw the SIM starter kit in Walgreen’s proclaiming “all plans include fast, free & unlimited access to facebook”. Now I’m no fan of fecebook, but I was curious enough to check out their website, and it turns out they also have some pretty good plans, especially for heavier data users.

All plans include unlimited talk, text, and farcebook. Which is exactly what you get for $25/month. For $35 (30 with auto-pay) you get all that plus 2GB data. But it’s the next two tiers that are really impressive - in addition to unlimited Talk, Text, and fakebook, for $45 you get 12GB and for $55 you get a whopping 20GB of data! Oh, and aside from the $25 plan, those are the high-speed data allotments After that, speeds are throttled, so you aren’t completely cut off - you have unlimited slow-speed data, and, of course, unlimited full-speed facebook if you’re into that.

This is on the T-Mobile network, from GoSmart Mobile, actually a wholly owned brand of T-Mobile. info at Plans & Prepaid Cell Phones | GoSmart Mobile

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Thanks for sharing HOW. Always good to read of another option for some. It’s been around for awhile and reportedly throttles 3G speeds down to about 1Mps. FB 4G speed?

• Nationwide network & 3G speeds included

Limited time offers; subject to change.

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Like you I’m no fan of Facebook, so “Unlimited 4G Facebook Access” has little appeal to me. Everything else does appear to be limited to 3G speeds. I’ll grant GSM 3G is orders of magnitude more capable than CDMA 3G. If it’s HSPA+, as opposed to HSPA, speeds might even approach real world (though not theoretical) LTE. HSPA+ was, for a time, marketed by both AT&T and TMO as 4G prior to widespread deployment of LTE.

Oh, and you left out the international texting piece.

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It’s actually offered by a division of TracFone, which is a subsidiary of América Móvil.

A couple items from the Terms of Service:

  • Your Device may only be used within the T-Mobile owned domestic network coverage area (and not off-network or roaming on affiliate networks).
  • At times and at locations where there are competing demands for network resources, the data of a GoSmart Mobile customer may be prioritized below data of T-Mobile branded customers (resulting in relatively slower speeds), specifically if a GoSmart Mobile customer is engaged in a data intensive activity.
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All plans include unlimited talk, text, and farcebook. Which is exactly what you get for $25/month. For $35 (30 with auto-pay) you get all that plus 2GB data
from the website it looks like that 2 GB was increased to 4 GB

that would make this a good option for higher data users that don’t care overall about speed (the $25 1.0 plan) and in some areas the GSM network may be better or even the same coverage

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