Latest phone update and Android emojis

My husband’s phone updated and all his emojis changed to the ones that are closer to the iPhone versions.

My phone update has come up, but I haven’t done it yet because I don’t want to lose the Android version of emojis. Is there any way to accomplish both the update and still have the Android emojis?

Hi @Rood15

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Google as it seems decided to retire the blob emoji with a more standard set. I’m one of the users (along with you) that is saddened and will miss it.

Since it is built into the “font” of the system, there is no easy way to keep them. To really make the change, you have to go and mess with the system (via administrative / root)

On the other hand, news from earlier this year say that while the emoji may be gone, Google has made available sticker packs within the Google Keyboard and Messages app. Instead of emoji, you can use images which isn’t quite the same but will have to make due I suppose. See if you can find them and if they can work for what you want them to be.


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