Launcher and Dialer

Setting up a Moto G7 play for a senior with vision issues.
Would installing an alternate Launcher and DIaler break RW?

Hi @ac11,

In a word, no. Please consider coming back and letting us know how it works out.

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highly configurable, but if you dig into the setup it can be complicated as there are lots of nested menus and multiple paths to follow.

phone and sms apps are installed separately from the launcher and each has its own set of preferences screens, but they can be set to inherit settings from the launcher instead.

default installation allows full access for the intended user. if you need to limit access or opportunities for user error you will need to spend some time reconfiguring, hiding, and de-selecting options. the optional themes may work better for folks with impairments as the monochome theme reduces the distraction level. .

i haven’t done an exhaustive search for similar launchers, but this one seems to check all of the boxes that i needed. something simpler would be preferable though.

if your experimenting with the free version be careful about changing the number of icons on the screen. it has unexpected results, and the only way to roll-back is to uninstall then re-install the app.


**update: i’ve been playing with this for over a week and it seems the app dev’s completely skipped over voicemail. the phone app displays no notifications nor does it present any buttons to view messages received.

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